5 Ways to Start Using AI in Your Marketing Today

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AI is the future of marketing.

According to a study by Quantcast and Forbes,  AI helps marketers to boost sales, increase customer retention, and succeed at new product launches.

This post will provide you with practical and useful examples to understand a bit more about AI and how it can help your marketing team do all of that and more.

What is AI?

The simplest way to think about AI is to see it as a tool or system that has the ability to learn and predict. It can comprehend what we want, or it can learn from its mistakes, and then predict what we might want the next time.

AI is all around us. Every time we ask Siri something, it learns and gets smarter understanding what we're asking, who we are, and what we want to know.

Anytime we ask for directions on Google Maps, AI processes and learns what is going on around us through traffic patterns and how cars are moving.

Siri, google maps and Grammarly. Three of the most common tools based on ai

There are some AI tools that use existing data to make new content. Article writers, for example, can create original content because they scan and take in all of the information available on the Internet.

There's also AI that uses trial and error. The AI-driven chess computer that gets better and better and eventually beats everybody learns from what the opponent did, and processes all that information to come to a better result.

The thing all of these tools have in common is that they take in information, learn from it, and can make informed future decisions all on their own.

AI and Content Marketing

Content has become a crucial part of digital marketing in recent years. In fact, content is now the primary focus for most marketing teams. 

The problem is that creating long-form content, On-page SEO, and social media posts can be extremely time-consuming. Even more challenging is coming up with ideas that your audience will find interesting and engaging.

AI tools are making it easier for marketers to streamline their content creation processes. From generating ideas to choosing images for your blog posts, AI moves the implementation work to a place where it can be done effectively, even with the smallest of teams.

Is AI going to make us obsolete as marketers?

AI is not going to make agencies, marketers, or business owners obsolete, but it is going to make us more efficient. It becomes a competitive advantage if an agency can produce 10 times more content than before.

However, AI is not going to process emotion, is not going to be able to process an opportunity, is not going to understand a gut feeling you have or relationships that it can lean on, and it's not going to replace strategic thinking.

5 practical ways to use AI in your marketing today

 Use AI for your long-form content

wxample of an outline used by ai marketing tool to create long form content

Long-form content has become one of the hardest things for smaller marketing teams or smaller agencies to produce because it's so time-consuming and yet it is so essential for end users and the educational approaches that we have today.

Here are some of the ways to use Writesonic – An AI tool we frequently use –to helps create better long-form content:

  • You can use Writesonic to help you create a fully customized blog outline. The AI content tool does this by scanning the Internet and choosing content based on what people are searching for online. This allows you to then easily fill in the rest. 
  • Writesonic uses AI to make long-from content more engaging, relevant, and attractive for readers. This can decrease your blogs bounce rate and increase your overall visibility online.
  • Connect Writesonic with an SEO tool like Semrush to optimize your long-form content towards your target keywords and audiences.
  • If you are creating content for new clients, Writesonic can save you tons of time by completing the initial background research for you.

Spend more time creating a stellar experience for your leads & beat your competition

Disclosure: Duct Tape Marketing is a Writesonic affiliate and may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Duct Tape Marketing would never endorse products or services it has not tested or does not use.

AI for Metadata and SEO

Good SEO practice is a necessary process that takes time and effort. However, much of it can be repetitive and time-consuming. Tasks like creating SEO-optimized titles, creating the right meta tags, or keyword research can now easily be automated with AI.

How can AI tools produce better results for SEO?

screenshoots of Writesonic's features for seo

Doing keyword research manually is time-consuming. AI tools help you streamline this process by crawling relevant content on the internet and then giving you questions, keywords, and information that people are looking for in Google, so you can create more valuable blog posts or pages.

AI tools like Writesonic can also help you write engaging and optimized titles and meta descriptions in seconds by simply typing in an overview of the topic. It’s a great way to save time and free up your marketing team to focus on more innovative and strategic tasks.

Q&A is another essential feature that can boost your SEO results. With today's AI tools you can easily create highly relevant Q&A content, that you can use in Quora, Reddit forums, or in relevant Facebook Groups.

Add copy and variations

Google Ads now gives you the ability to create up to 15 headlines for your search ads. It takes time and brain cycles to write those ads.

AI tools can automatically produce these variations for you in the format that Google, YouTube or any other platform will understand. The ad copy will also be automatically optimized for higher click-trough rates based on past campaign performances. 

Additionally, AI recognizes that people on LinkedIn write differently than on Facebook, so you can customize tone based on the platform.

Examples of ai written copy for facebook ads

Below is another example of using Google headlines. Some of them are great, and some maybe don't hit the mark, but it gives you a quick sample of things to start working with.

By having 10 different ad copies to test, you whittle down and find the winner. It makes the creation of the ad variations much faster and efficient.

example of google ads copy written by ai in writesonic

Social Media Content

Brands need to create and publish content every day on several different platforms. 

One of my favorite ways to produce social media content is to break one big piece of content into many pieces. So, you can take an article that you've already written, put it into your AI tool, select the social media platform and the tool can generate weeks worth of posts from that one piece of content.

AI tools can also generate content ideas, hooks, and captions with just a topic or a few keywords.   

screenshoot of the benefits that ai offers for social media content creation

Some AI tools can even create complete posts for you, give you a mixture of Instagram captions, descriptions for your YouTube videos, titles, script hooks for TikTok, and more.

Content repurposing

Content repurposing has become a big topic. Constantly refreshing content can be a powerful way to impact your SEO without having to write new content. AI tools can easily accomplish this task in seconds. 

AI can also help you shorten content. For example If you have a blog post that people love, but you need to shorten it in order to repost to LinkedIn, AI can do that. 

Start using AI tools to help you create great content, and save you time, and money

AI tools are great for getting more content and finding easy ways to boost your SEO. Utilize these powerful tools today along with some editing and styling to boost your results in marketing.

It is not a 'cut and paste' solution, but it does get you closer to an optimal result.

Now that you know this, it is time to identify some aspects where you can improve your marketing efforts using AI today.


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