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Sage Advice from a True Marketing Leader and His Amazing Guests

By Neal Schaffer

Ive been a fan of John Jantsch and Duct Tape Marketing for years. Being able to hear him weekly and provide his marketing advice should be reason enough to listen his podcast, but John also is an amazing curator of various marketing experts who he interviews to provide further value to the listener. Highly recommended!

Actionable tips from a respected guide

By Pamela Wilson

Listen to this! John is uniquely positioned to guide your marketing efforts, whether they're happening offline, online, or both. He's well-connected and offers listeners access to the smartest minds in the marketing world right now. His questions get right to the point — he knows how to surface the most important information fast. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to grow their business with smart, efficient marketing.

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One of the finest business resources available…

Jay Baer

This is Jay Baer, marketing and customer experience, author, advisor, and expert. And I'm not just an occasional guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. I'm also a listener. Why? Because in my estimation, the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is one of the finest business resources available in any medium. The guests are tremendous. John knows just about everything about marketing and business, and if you can't improve your business after listening to this show for a while, I don't know what can.


It transformed my life…

Mike Michalowicz

It's Mike Mcit here, and you are listening to Duct Tape Marketing the podcast. Now, here's two things that probably came to mind. First of all, who the hell's Mike Mcit? It doesn't really matter. I've been a guest. What does matter? Is this your other thought? I'm not subscribed to Duct Tape Marketing. I'm not downloading it, should I? Yes, Yes. This is the authoritative podcast on marketing done, right, And your guide, your host for the show is [00:00:30] John janz, The Authority on Marketing. You know, the first marketing book I ever read was Duct Tape Marketing, and it transformed my life. Small business leaders, business owners, anyone can effectively market on a duck tape budget. You can compete with anyone at any size if you simply follow the methods you're about to learn. And this show reveals all, it's not the carte blanche, Hey, this is what people do on social media. You should replicate and do the same thing. It is [00:01:00] the essential stuff that works, the timeless strategies that differentiate you, that make you become the authority in marketing and get noticed. So there you have it. Two things to note. John Jans is your host and you should consider yourself lucky. And secondly, for all that's holy subscribe to Duct Tape Marketing the podcast.

It was an absolute delight…

Laura Gassner Otting

As an author, I get asked to be on a lot of different podcasts. There are very few who stand out for me in the way that Duct Tape Marketing does. And let me tell you why. John talks to so many interesting humans who come from lots of different lines of work, from many different sectors, many different verticals and all different points of view. And because of that, his questions are interesting. They are well thought through. They are wide ranging, and they take the conversation to places where [00:00:30] frankly, lots of other interviews I do don't go. It was an absolute delight to be a guest on Duct Tape Marketing. I think you should give it a listen.

It transformed my life…

Mike Blumenthal

Working with John has always an incredible pleasure, and the reason for that is that he is a person in the marketing industry, which typically has a lot of fluff. He is somebody who takes both a strategic and a tactical view of the industry in his interviews for his podcast. That's refreshing and it's a change from the way the marketing typically works. But he interviews the best people and being on with them is both an honor and a pleasure because he asks various astute questions. He takes people to the ed leading edge of marketing without leading 'em over the bleeding edge. I mean, it's, he really does a job.

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