Welcome to the Small Business Guide to Email Marketing.

Email is one of the oldest online marketing channels, but it remains one of the most effective. If you know how to use it, email marketing can be a fantastic way to engage with new prospects, move them along the customer journey, and keep in good standing with existing customers.

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Building and maintaining your list

Your mailing list is like your closet: It's filled with valuable items, but if you let it get cluttered and messy, it's a nightmare trying to find anything useful. Here are some tips for keeping your list clean from the start and getting things back in order if they've grown disorganized.


Creating effective campaigns

Building a great email marketing campaign is about more than selecting a template, typing some copy, and hitting send. There's a lot of planning and crafting that goes into establishing a campaign that will garner the kind of results you want for your brand.


Writing tips for email marketing

Good writing is good writing, but there are some specifics you need to keep in mind when it comes to how you handle your emails. From eye-catching headlines to engaging calls to action, how you handle each piece of the marketing email puzzle is an important part of getting great results from your campaign.


Analyzing your email marketing efforts

The only way to improve your email marketing is to grasp where it currently stands. By using analytics and measuring the right KPIs, you can get a handle on what's working and what to cut from your existing email marketing tactics.


Email marketing and customer journey

Email marketing has the power to speak to people all along the customer journey. From prospects who will be introduced to your brand via your newsletter, to longstanding customers you can approach with a campaign about your referral program, there's a place for email marketing along every step of the way.