Welcome to the Ultimate Marketing Strategy Plan for Small Business.

You must develop a strategy before you even think about the tactics. This is the key element to make marketing effective. You must have an approach that is focused on a very specific type of client, with a very specific need or problem, and a promise to solve that problem in a very specific way.

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Small business marketing strategy table of contents


Understanding and choosing your Ideal client

In marketing today it’s common to hear that you must know who your target audience is in order to be effective. This implies that you determine the makeup of a market your business is most likely to attract. What if you began to think about who you like to attract - your ideal client.


Solving problems vs providing solutions

Nobody wants what you sell. They want their problems solved. Keep that in mind. Very few people want the things, the services, and the solutions that we sell.


Crafting the visual elements of your brand

The color, the fonts, the way your office looks - all of those things go into either supporting the brand promise or taking away from it. I’m not saying that you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on getting designs to make everything look perfect, but the elements should support what your message is. They should support who you’re trying to talk to.


Using content as the voice of strategy

Content has grown beyond just being a tactic. Content really is air. It’s the thing that powers the entire customer journey. It’s the way for us to actually create the voice of our strategy.


Guiding the Customer Journey – The Marketing Hourglass

Part of your marketing strategy has to be an understanding of how you are going to guide the customer journey.

The way people buy today has changed so dramatically that we have to understand that it’s our job not to corral or create demand but to be around and organize the behavior that the buyer actually wants to participate in.

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