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Marketing Podcast with Ryan Englin

ryan-englinIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Ryan Englin. Ryan is the CEO of Core Fit Hiring which helps blue-collar companies fill frontlines with quality technicians and craftworkers.

Key Takeaway:

Finding the right talent is not an easy task to conquer. In fact, many people waste time hiring the wrong people or have a difficult time retaining the people they worked so hard to attract.

In this episode, I talk with the founder of Core Fit Hiring, Ryan Englin, about why people have such a difficult time attracting the right talent today and what you need to do to attract quality frontline workers who align with your company values — and how to get them to stay.

Questions I Ask Ryan Englin:

  • [0:48] In the skilled worker and technician community, it’s been harder to fill positions – can you give me your take on that?
  • [2:36] Is the trade industry itself going to have to make some fundamental changes or use better marketing to draw people to the industry again?
  • [4:28] The best salespeople for getting more people in your organization are happy employees that are pumped about what they’re doing, but how do you bring that into a culture where that hasn’t existed?
  • [5:39] People connect with stories far better than they connect with features – how do you extract stories in industries some of these industries to effectively help them draw employees?
  • [7:12] If people are coming to you now and saying how do we attract and retain people, what is some of the advice that you’re giving people in this particular environment? people?
  • [8:33] If there’s something about your company, your culture, or your team that isn’t attractive, how do you fix that?
  • [9:17] If I’m listening to this show and I’m particularly trying to hire, or at least get my name in front of potential candidates, are you finding a channel that seems to be most effective for getting on people’s radars?
  • [11:00] Do employers need to start lowering their expectations about skill and experience?
  • [12:42] Would you be going to university situations or to vocational schools and trying to get involved at that early point?
  • [14:09] What role are unions playing in this industry today?
  • [15:51] With supply and demand being what it is, is there a pressure on wages right now that is really going to create some costing problems for contractors?
  • [17:14] How big of a problem is poaching?
  • [19:09] If people are interested in this topic and they hire skilled workers, where they can find out more about some of your work?

More About Ryan Englin:

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