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To existing companies and startups planning expansion within, or entry into the maritime, offshore or renewable energy markets.

Focused on a new solution or market development we help your company take an idea from concept through a process to find, get and keep those essential first customers.

Services offered are in two broad tracks to reflect the typical stages of customer creation and retention for a Business development project:

1. Project preparation: Getting your company ready to engage with prospective customers.

2. Project execution: Engaging with prospects and converting them to profitable new customer advocates.

Project preparation services include:
• Research, (Market & Competitor)
• Commercial strategies, (Marketing, Sales & Customer)
• Marketing, (Channel selection & Tactic preparation)

Project execution services include:
• Marketing, (Engagement & Lead generation)
• Interim provision of a professional business developer skilled in research, marketing, sales, commercial management, fulfilment, customer onboarding & success.
• Full commercial blueprint at the end of a project for your customer-facing teams to implement and grow the proven new solution or market.

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Dumfries, Scotland