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Leading Results specializes in helping businesses stop wasting money on marketing. Budgets are tight and marketing is changing- rapidly. Yesterday’s approach doesn’t seem to be working anymore. We’ve been on both sides of this issue. We’ve managed huge budgets, and we’ve managed to get better results from much smaller budgets- because we had to.

The need for professional marketing people has never been greater than in today’s markets where you can’t afford to make many mistakes. But for many businesses, the cost of a full time, dedicated professional is too high. This is why we formed Leading Results – to help business owners make the most of your marketing dollars through structured marketing, training and fractional executive marketing management.

The businesses that enjoy the best success in working with us know they deliver exceptional products or customer experience, but they are challenged in getting this message into the market place in an affordable and effective manner.

We work with clients either as part of their management team, taking on the role of Vice President of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer, or we work as a coach/mentor/consultant to the organization. Doing this creates predictable, down to earth, real marketing results. We utilize the Duct Tape Marketing tools and methodology in all our client work, and the result is a systematic marketing plan that includes strategy, tactics and planned results that your staff can execute.

Whether you need to find new business, or better capitalize on the core group of customers and assets you already have, our work with you will help you express the true passion you have for the business and allow you to stop having your company be one those “best kept secrets”.

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