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Small business owners want to do MORE business, and to do business BETTER, but often end up frustrated by uncoordinated advertising and marketing decisions that don’t really drive the business forward. Don’t get sucked into the whirlwind of aimless advertising – when a unified marketing plan built on a proven system will take you so much further. When you focus your marketing energy in one direction, the whirlwind becomes a jet engine, and your business is ready for take-off. With his 15 years of design and online marketing experience, Chad Anderson and his team at New Harvest Media Inc. want to help make your marketing truly effective, using the tried-and-true Duct Tape Marketing System. (And as a free gift, Chad includes a rich and colourful sprinkling of delicious metaphors involving whirlwinds, jet engines – and sprinkles – because improving your business really should be fun.)

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