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To All NTEU Chapter 47 Members:
It is very important that all NTEU Ch47 members get involved.  As Federal Employees, our salary, health and retirement benefits are always under attack....Now is the time to start making your voice heard, and to continue making your voice heard

By visiting Capwiz.com/NTEU, you can send e-mails to your Congressmen and other Representatives, voicing your opinion on various issues being proposed and considered which can affect you in both negative and positive ways.
Going into Capwiz.com/NTEU is simple. All Federal employee issues that can affect you are listed in a section called "Action Alert". Just click on the "click here" link under the issue(s), and the appropriate e mail address of whom to contact comes up, along with a letter that gets sent to your individual Federal Reps based on your Zip code. For complete instructions, please read the information below from our Leg. Coordinator, Cheryl Lassiter:
Capwiz is a computer system on how to contact your Senators and Congress people by computer. It is so essential that we contact them on all the issues that concern Federal employees.  This must be done on their home computer, or our members can use the computers in the union offices at 44th St. and 290 Broadway.   

. If you are unable to use your computer for this, or do not have a computer at home, your union stewards would be more than happy to show you how to use the Capwiz system. If you can use your home computer, here are some easy instructions to follow:

To use Capwiz from your home computer the following steps are required
 - sign on the computer
 - go to capwiz.com/nteu - that will  connect you to  the Capwiz website 
 - follow the form,  include your home address and your union chapter 47
 - once your zip code is input, your representatives will automatically show up.
 - complete the form, send it, and then send a copy of that letter to our Leg. Coordinator Cheryl Lassiter
   at lass1200@aol.com

**Please let your fellow NTEU Chapter 47 members know about this--Every Federal Employee should be getting involved and utilizing the Capwiz system to make their voices heard!

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