You know that your online presence isn’t what it should be and it is holding your business back. But you either don’t know where to start or it feels like you need forty extra hours in the week and a PhD to do all that is necessary. To make matters worse, you are being bombarded by so-called “experts” who have a killer solution ready for you to buy but know little of you or your business’s needs.

There is hope however.

When you partner with Webistries Marketing & SEO, we apply the proven Duct Tape Marketing System to your unique business in 5 steps:

1) Gain an understanding of your business, the clients you serve, and your future goals.
2) Examine the state of your current online presence.
3) Develop a strategy that targets your ideal client and lays out a marketing plan grounded in your goals.
4) Execute only the tactics that are aligned to your unique strategy.
5) Monitor/Evaluate key KPIs, conduct quarterly reviews, and adjust as needed.

It really is that simple. And since we are applying a proven, disciplined system…our engagements are also highly affordable. Contact Brian today and let’s discuss how we can grow your business.

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